Four Tips to Prepare for your Move with Interstate Removalists

3 March 2015
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When you are preparing for an interstate move you will likely deal with tons of scheduling and issues. You have to consider the move itself, transferring jobs, transferring schools if you have children, setting up utilities, and everything involved with packing and unpacking. If you are looking for a way to take some of the stress out of the move, especially when you deal with removalists, consider the following four tips.

Schedule Ahead

It may seem like common sense to schedule things ahead instead of waiting until the last minute, but life happens and you may honestly forget. One way to make sure you schedule ahead is to take care of the move and scheduling the removalists as soon as you confirm the move itself. This will likely put you with a date that is one month or more ahead, but it will give you the peace of mind to know it is taken care of and that you have time to plan and handle the packing and interstate removalist checklist.

Pack Your Personal Items

If you have items that are personal or of high value, either financially or emotionally, then pack them yourself and consider moving them with you in your vehicle. This will reduce the stress you can have from worrying about them being damaged during the move or being lost. You can purchase insurance for these items, but knowing they are with you can help make the move easier.

Create an Inventory List

Depending on which removalist company you use, you will likely be asked to give an inventory of your items. In some cases people may give just an estimate of how many items they have and what they have. Take the time to create an inventory list of your own listing everything you are having included in the move. Use this to fill out the interstate removalists inventory form. This will mean that you both have a copy of all the items to review during packing and upon arrival.

Confirm Everything

Take some time to make a list of dates, times, and scheduling for all of your utilities and removal dates. Use that list to make calls and confirm the information you have. Make sure to note who you spoke with and the date and time you spoke with them. This will help ensure everything is on track and give you time to fix any complications before they become major issues.

These are just a few of the tips that can help you prepare for your move using an interstate removalist. If you are ready to start the process, contact a local company, such as Price's Removals.