What to Consider When Hiring a Self Storage Unit

23 February 2015
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Storage units are common throughout the world, and many people take advantage of the space they offer to store goods and personal items in for periods of time. However, it is a good idea to take some simple but effective measures when looking to hire a storage unit. It can be frustrating to hire a unit to keep some possessions in, only to come back at a later date and find that damage has occurred to some of your items. This article offers advice for those intending to store their goods without damaging them.

Pest Control

You must make sure that the facility has appropriate methods of pest control. Vermin can do a great amount of damage if left alone in a unit with items in them; even in a short space of time. Make sure you ask what measures the company takes against this type of problem.


It is important to make sure that the storage units are kept at the correct temperature and humidity. Storing items such as clothes or furniture in a unit that is not properly controlled (temperature wise) can lead to mold and mildew; this can be very difficult  to properly remove. Paperwork and other potentially important documentation can also be quite easily damaged in the wrong temperature surroundings. Ensure that the unit's temperature and humidity can be, and are, actively controlled by the company.


If you are storing valuable goods, make sure that the company can offer you a unit that is fully enclosed; that is to say, it is impossible to view the contents of the unit from outside. Some storage facilities have windows on the doors, allowing other people to see what is inside the unit. If you plan to store valuables, ensure that  the company you use can provide you with a unit that does not permit others to look inside. This will increase the security of your stored items.


Many people inadvertently cause damage to their own goods by hiring a unit that is inadequate for their needs. Having to squeeze and squash items into a unit that is too small will cause damage to them. Although this may sound straightforward, many people will hire a storage unit for a couple of items, and then discover that they need to store more goods in the future. Rather than hiring a bigger unit, they simply try to fit everything in the unit they already have. Try to plan ahead, and rent a unit that is slightly bigger than your needs; you will be able to safely store more goods in there in the future.

These tips will help you to obtain a unit (at facilities like Self Storage 2000) that is perfectly suited for your items—and the amount of items—that you can store without damaging them.