Moving House? How to Safeguard Your Goods in Self Storage

24 February 2015
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Moving is one of the most hectic activities due to the tiresome procedures involved, which include packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking. Many people prefer storing their property in self storage for more convenient repossession to time. This is especially for fragile items such as glassware and electronics that can suffer severe damage during bulk transportation alongside other heavy weight household items such as furniture.

Self storage is also popular for storing important documents that can easily be lost or destroyed during the moving process. Generally, people hire storage space in the form of containers, boxes, or lockers within a self storage facility for a short period and retrieve the items later after settling into their new homes. The following tips will help you make sure that the goods stored in self storage facility remain intact and keep them good condition.

Obtain Insurance Cover

Self storage is similar to storing goods in warehouses. This means that your goods are at a risk of many incidences such as fires, break-ins, and damage from acts of nature such as flooding. It is therefore important to take up an insurance policy for your goods during the storage period so that you can receive compensation in case of loss from any insured occurrence.

You can get your goods insured either under the self storage facility's insurance partner or under your personal insurance company. To minimise risks, make sure that the storage unit you rent is in a safe location such as in a safe neighbourhood or in a friendly climate environment.

Make Timely Rental Payments

Ensure that you make the agreed amount of payment at the agreed time to avoid sale of your goods to cover for storage expenses. Self storage is just like rental houses or offices and if you fail to pay the rental payments, then the owner of the facility is allowed to take drastic measures such as forceful evacuation, auctioning of your goods or detaining them until payment is made.

Install Secure Locks

When you rent a self storage unit, you are responsible for securing your goods with a good type of lock. Traditional locks are not good enough since they are prone to tampering such as picking of locks using pins and duplicate or master keys. Make sure that your self storage unit has a modern lock such as key card lock or pin-enabled automatic lock that guarantees entry into the storage unit only by authorised individuals.