Removalists | 3 Simple Tips To Protect Your Washing Machine While Moving

20 March 2015
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Most removalists offer varying degrees of services – from simply moving packed boxes to offering comprehensive services that include wrapping, dismantling, packing, loading and reinstallation at your new home. While the choice is different with every individual, many homeowners choose the regular service and prefer doing the packing on their own – to save money and to ensure that delicate items are packed properly. It goes without saying that proper planning will lead to less regret. If you plan on preparing your appliances on your own for the move, read the tips below to protect your washing machine during the moving process.

Drain Out Excess Water From Washing Machine

Shut off the hot water and cold water valves properly and run the washing machine on a warm rinse for a few seconds to ensure that all residual water has been drained from the pipe. Press the spin button on the washing machine to ensure that any extra water has been drained out. If you don't drain the remaining water well, it may damage your machine as the water can move into different parts of the machine if it gets tipped while in transit.

Disconnect All Wiring and Pipes

Make sure you unplug the electrical cord that powers the machine and tape it on the machine with electrical tape to hold it in place while moving. You will also need to unhook the drainpipe and tape it to the back of the machine. Now you will need to detach the waterlines behind the machine and at the water source. Wipe down and cover all metallic parts of the machine with duct tape so that you don't scratch them. Place your waterlines inside the machine to avoid misplacing them.

Protect the Outside

Now that you've taken care of the interiors and pipes of the washing machine, you need to ensure that it is properly packaged on the outside to avoid scratches and damage. Most removalists offer packaging materials like padded blankets and cardboard wrapping to protect the exterior of the washing machine. Wrap the machine well and tie a large cord around it to ensure that the packaging does not unravel while in transit. To stay safe, wrap the blanket around the machine twice for extra padding. 

Once you arrive at your destination, make sure to reattach your drainpipes and waterlines properly to get your washing machine back to working condition. If you're in doubt about properly packing your machine for moving, get in touch with professional removalists who have the knowledge to pack your washing machine expertly. For more information, contact a business such as Klose's Removals Pty Ltd.