4 Things to Know about Hiring Removalists for Unexpected Moves

26 May 2015
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Divorce, job changes, real estate issues, and construction delays all play a hand in unexpected moves. If you have an unexpected or last-minute move, you may think that you can't use a removalist. The truth is, most removalists can still work with you even on short notice. Before you pick up the phone and schedule the company, there are a few things you should know and prepare for in regards to your removalist choice.

Cost of the Service

When you schedule a removalist service at the last minute, the cost may be higher than normal depending on the availability of the drivers and other scheduled appointments. This fee is usually to ensure that you do have the removalists you need, that a truck is ready and secured, and that other requests are met. Since slots for services do go faster and different times of the year, you may be facing higher charges for that as well.

Unavailable Services

One of the key points to remember about an unexpected move is that certain services may not be available. For example, if you need to move in less than a week you may be able to obtain the drivers and the truck for loading and unloading, but packing and unpacking services may not be available. You may also not be able to secure storage depending on the availability at your destination point. Make sure you have alternatives in case this happens.

Unavailable Dates

When you book a removalist ahead of time you are generally able to book the dates that you need for the packing, unpacking, and move itself. The issue with booking a removalist for an unexpected or last minute move is that some dates may be unavailable. Make sure that you are flexible to work within the dates the company has.

If the only dates are available are earlier than you had planned, ask about storage options and using the removalists to move your items to the storage unit and from the unit to the new location. This usually allows the company to find dates that work for both you and them.

Hiring Two Companies

In some cases you may have to hire two companies to get the job done. For example, you may find that one company has the dates you need for the move while another has the dates you need for packing and unpacking the items. Don't be afraid to hire both to make sure you meet your deadline and get the job done.

Make sure when you schedule a company that you are fully aware of what you are being charged for and if insurance is included. You should also check to see what the insurance, if any is included, covers and the payment process should any items be damaged. For more tips, consult resources like Ocean Grove Removals.