Furniture Storage: 3 Tips to Keep Your Mattresses in Great Condition

19 June 2015
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Don't just throw your mattress in the storage unit thinking that it will stay in the same condition when you eventually take it out. In the storage unit, the mattress is exposed to dirt, dust, insects, heat and humidity, which ends up degrading the fibers of the mattress. Eventually, the mattress will become unusable, and you'll be forced to buy a new one.

All hope is not lost though. By implementing these 3 tips on how to properly store your mattress, you can keep your mattress in excellent condition.

Always Protect Your Mattress with a Cover

Mattresses tend to be more vulnerable to being damaged when placed in a storage unit than any other type of furniture. The fibers make a great home for insects and pests, and dust and humidity easily degrades the condition. Protecting the mattress by covering it with a heavy-duty polyethylene cover is highly recommended.

Heavy-duty polyethylene covers can resist humidity and ultraviolet radiation. They are also extremely durable. The thickness of the mattress covers also need to be taken into account to ensure that they are puncture resistant.

Prevent Moisture Buildup with Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Storage units for furniture should always have climate-control features. Otherwise, the humidity causes moisture to build up on the surface of the mattress, especially if the mattress is simply tossed onto the floor. This can not only damage the fibers, but also encourage pests to make a home in the mattress. A relative humidity of 60% or more encourages mite, mold and mildew degradation. In general, a relative humidity of 50% or less is considered to be most ideal.

Store the Mattress Flat on a Smooth Surface

Gravity is never your friend. If you don't store the mattress in the proper orientation, gravity will pull on the springs and the fibers causing the mattress shape to warp. Most experts recommend storing the mattress flat to combat the effects of gravity and preserve the mattress condition.

In addition, you can easily damage the inner workings of the mattress if you lay it on an uneven surface. You may end up having to get a larger storage unit to ensure the mattress is stored flat on a smooth surface.

By implementing these 3 tips and storing the mattresses properly, you will get the most life possible out of your mattress. Even after taking your mattress out from storage after a long time, your mattress will still be in good condition and be usable. Learn more tips or glean more assistance by calling companies like Australian Moving Logistics.