Holding Onto Childhood Memories: Three Tips for Storing Stuffed Animals

28 July 2015
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Most children have had an abundance of stuffed animals to keep them company and stimulate their creativity. As your child gets older, they may not have as big of a need for their stuffed animals. It may be time to store them in a storage unit, if you can't bear to get rid of them for sentimental reasons.

These three tips will preserve the stuffed animals:

Wash Them Before You Pack Them Away

Stuffed animals harbor an abundance of germs and bacteria, so you should always wash the stuffed animals by tossing them into a washing machine and a drying machine before you pack them away. This removes any available food source that microbes may need to survive and prevent colonies from growing exponentially during storage.. Washing the stuffed animals will also get rid of a substantial amount of microbes.

It's also important to clean the stuffed animals to get rid of any stains, as they will only be even more difficult to remove if they are allowed to sit there for a long period of time. Bits of food pieces, crumbs and other dirt will also be removed in the cleaning process and prevent microbial growth.

Pack Each Stuffed Animal in a Cloth Bag

The stuffed animals are made from fabric, which needs to breathe. If there is not enough air circulation, moisture can accumulate as a result of temporal fluctuations and damage the stuffed animals. The best way to let the stuffed animals breathe is to store them in a cloth bag. The cloth bag will prevent dirt and dust from settling on the stuffed animals, but will allow air to circulate freely.

Use a Natural Insect Repellent

One of the main concerns of keeping stuffed animals in storage is insect infestation. Although stuffing mothballs with the stuffed animals may seem like a good decision, the chemicals can easily transfer and seep into the stuffed animals. These chemicals are toxic. Instead, use a natural insect repellent.

Lavender essential oil is quite effective in deterring almost all insects. Dilute the lavender essential oil in a carrier oil, like sweet almond or coconut oil, and spray the concoction over the stuffed animals. There are also some commercial, but green insecticides available in stores as well.


If you don't have any use for the stuffed animals anymore, you should consider donating them to charity organizations. If not, make sure you take the stuffed animals out of storage ever so often, and to clean them regularly in order to keep them clean and looking like new. To learn more, contact a company such as Dawson Moving.