Put Your Teens to Work: How to Encourage Your Teens to Help You Move House

11 August 2016
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If you are planning on moving to a new home, you should try to get your teens to help. Not just with packing up their own belongings, but helping with other aspects of moving as well. Moving is a very stressful time, but with everyone's help, you can get it done efficiently. Here are some tips for encouraging your teens to help out more.

Put Them in Charge of Going Through the Attic Boxes

This might not seem like much fun, but many teenagers are curious what is in your old boxes that contain childhood possessions, baby clothes, and possibly even items from when you were a teenager. Ask if your teens want to go through the boxes in the attic so they can organise them and put them in new boxes or plastic bins. You don't want to use these boxes as they are probably flimsy and might have pests inside of them. This needs to be done, but it takes a lot of time. In exchange for going through the boxes, allow your teens to bring some friends over to go through them together.

Let Them Label the Boxes in Any Way They Like

Labeling boxes is another chore that might seem easy to do, but can actually be a little time consuming. When you start packing up household items, ask your teens to help label boxes. It is an easy thing for them to do, and lets them get creative. Give them some different markers in various colours, stickers, and let them label the boxes in any way they like. The only rule is that the label can be easily read by the movers so they know what rooms the various boxes go in when they unload the moving truck.

Make it a Contest

If you have more than one teenager in your home, have a family-friendly contest for the kid that packs up the most boxes and gets it to the moving truck. You can offer the winner anything you like, from being able to choose what movie you will watch on your last night in your old home, to getting to pick the music on the trip to the new home. This is a fun way to get them interested and also help you out with the packing and moving responsibilities.

Throw a Pre-Moving Day Pizza Party

It can be difficult on teenagers to move from their home, especially if they are going to a different school district where they have to make new friends. Give them one last party the night before moving day starts. Tell them as long as they help to pack up things in the home and get things ready, you will throw them a pizza party with their friends.

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