Model Storage Solutions

9 December 2016
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If you're looking for different storage solutions for your tabletop models and are on a bit of a budget, you could think about designing your own carry case that doubles up as a storage unit when not in use. However, models are expensive, and the time and money it takes to assemble and paint them is something that should always be taken into consideration. You need to ensure that the models are well cushioned, free from dust and protected from impact. Fortunately, this can all be done without your having to spend hundreds of dollars on overpriced commercially made cases.

The Box

Clearly, the more you invest, the better protected your models will be. However, if you plan to store them at home and transport them to and from your local gaming club, you can cut a few corners and save on materials. Firstly you'll need the actual case, and if you want maximum protection, then you can always purchase a second-hand pre-made plastic case or buy an aluminium flight case. Either way, by buying a case second-hand, you'll be saving some money, which you can invest in more models.

However, if you want to save even more, get yourself a double-layered corrugated cardboard box. These boxes are study and durable whilst being lightweight, shock resistant and cheap. You can recycle an old box you have lying around at home or invest in a flat pack, one that has a lid and some pre-cut carrying handles. Just be sure to keep the box out of the rain to avoid any water damage and damp. 

The Inside

To protect the model, you'll want to buy foam trays. You can purchase a pre-cut flight case and model trays, or if you want to save money, you can build your own very easily. Just buy a sheet of foam slightly thicker in width than the models you are going to store and cut as many holes as you'll need for your figures. You can cut around the models for a tight fit or create a stencil from an old cereal box and create multiple rectangular cutouts. Next get a thinner sheet of foam and glue it to the back with PVA glue. This will stop the models falling through and act as the lid for the trays you'll stack underneath. You'll also need a top layer of foam that will act as a lid. The foam will add further shock protection and keep dust and damp away. 

Talk to a storage-solutions company for more ideas.