Two Steps to Take If You’ll Be in the First Trimester of Your Pregnancy When You Move House

22 November 2019
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If your house move will coincide with the first trimester of your pregnancy, you should take the following two steps.

Find out if the removalists have an afternoon slot available

When choosing from the removal company's available time slots, you should try to pick an afternoon slot. The reason for this is as follows; the first trimester is the point in your pregnancy when you're most likely to suffer from morning sickness and severe fatigue.

If the removalists get to your house early in the morning, when you're throwing up every few minutes, it will be hard for you to give them the instructions they need or answer the questions they ask (for example, they might need you to show them which of your boxes are housing fragile things, so that they can handle these boxes with extra care, or they may ask you to direct them towards the furniture you need them to dismantle before they put it in their van). Conversely, if they come in the afternoon when your morning sickness has abated, you should be able to give them the guidance and help they need.

Furthermore, if you book a morning slot, you won't be able to sleep in. If you're suffering from the debilitating fatigue that many women do during this trimester, you may be so exhausted that you cannot summon up the energy to finish off the last of the packing you need to do before locking up the property and leaving it. By picking an afternoon slot, you can sleep for a few extra hours, which should leave you feeling rested enough to function by the time the moving process needs to get underway.

Ask your partner or a friend to clean out the fridge before it's transported

Your removalists will need you to empty out your fridge before they can put it into their van. It is best to ask your partner or a friend to do this for you. The reason for this is as follows; a lot of women develop severe aversions to specific foods whilst they're in the first trimester of their pregnancy. These aversions can appear quite suddenly and be so strong that the mere smell or sight of these foods can make them vomit.

If you leave the cleaning out of this fridge until the last minute and your partner or friends are not available at that point, you might find that you cannot finish off this task because there are food items in the fridge which suddenly make you feel incredibly sick. This might result in you having to get one or more of the removalists to stop loading your items into the van so that they can empty out the fridge for you, which could, in turn, slow down the loading process. It may also trigger another bout of vomiting that could leave you stuck in the bathroom for a long period of time.

For more information, contact a local removalist.