How To Examine A Removalist's Terms And Conditions

18 May 2020
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Most people will choose a removalist based on their pricing. However, checking the removalist's terms and conditions can help you avoid extra charges. Below are tips to help you examine the removalist's terms and conditions.

Services Provided

Work with a professional that offers a wide range of removal services. For instance, other than providing cartons and packing and loading your items in the removal truck, you could also need a removalist that can clean your new home and arrange your items. Storage services are essential for people that need to relocate their homes or offices. It is especially so if you are moving into a smaller or incomplete space. If you have a busy schedule, work with a removalist that offers overnight removal services. People on a budget could need backloading services. 

Insurance and Liabilities

Most removalists provide removal insurance. However, you should check the terms of the insurance policy. For instance, you should consider additional insurance coverage if the cover has a small limit. On the other hand, inquire what items the insurance policy covers. Valuables, pets, ammunition and items packed by the customer may not be included in the cover.

Customer Responsibilities

The removalist may ask you to: 

  • Allow a house inspection to ensure the removalist brings adequate personnel and the right tools to move your home or office.
  • Get the required permits if you intend to move interstate or to another country.
  • The removalist will ask you to declare the value of items you intend to transport. It will help them organise compensation if any of your items get damaged.
  • You must be present on the removals day. Besides, you should arrange parking for the removals truck.
  • Organise transport for perishable products, wines, precious stones, jewellery, explosives and pets.
  • You may be required to dismantle electronics and furniture, defrost your freezer and remove items in your attic. 

Quotation and Extra Costs

The company's quotation may change if you do not accept the quote within a stipulated number of days. Besides, they may adjust the prices if you would want to move during the weekend or holidays. People that live in multistorey buildings or those whose houses have narrow passageways may have to pay an extra charge. Typically, you should work with a company that informs you through writing if they adjust their prices.

Check the removalist's claims and dispute policy. The company should be quick to respond and solve customer disputes.

Examine your removalist's terms and conditions by checking the services provided, insurance policy, customer responsibilities and extra costs.

Reach out to a removal service in your area for more information.