Insight for a more successful household move with professional removers

21 June 2021
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Moving your household can start several months and weeks before the actual removal day. You will need to pack up all household items, plan the details and arrange for removalists. Here are some recommendations to help you make your upcoming home removal more successful and less stressful.

Prepare Your New Home

As you are preparing for your house removal to your new place, you will schedule your removal company for the day of your move and begin to prepare all the other details of packing and moving. However, be sure you prepare your new place for you to move into it. You don't want to move into a dirty home or a house that is slightly dirty still from the last residents. For this reason, you should take a day to clean your new house before the removalists fill it up with boxes and furniture. Vacuum the floors, clean the bathrooms and wipe down cupboards and the fridge to make sure it is all cleaned and ready for your household to move into it.

You should also plan to complete a pest control service to your new place just before moving day. This will ensure that any spiders, bugs or mice have not had a chance to move into your new home before you do. And no matter if your new home has been vacant for a month or a week, pest control is a good way to protect your home and its investment along with your possessions that will soon move into it as well. Then, when the removalists unpack everything into your new place, you will only need to wipe off the counters and vacuum where the removalists' foot traffic passed through.

Plan and Arrange Your Packing and Removal

For weeks up until your upcoming move, plan for the removalists to come into your home and efficiently move it all out and into the moving truck. Keep in mind your removalists can pack up your household items for the move, but you can do some or all the packing prior to the move day. 

If you are packing boxes yourself, use coloured sheets of paper to label the side and top of each box so you can clearly identify where the boxes go in your new home. The removalists will be able to easily identify that a box goes into the master bedroom, kitchen or baby's room. Use papers of the same colours to label each room in your new place, which will easily help the removalists. You don't want to have your removalists asking you during your move-in which room is the baby's room and which is the boy's room, as examples.

It is also a good idea to have all your household items packed up and ready to go by the night before the removalists are planning to arrive. You don't want to, for example, leave a couple of boxes to pack with the kitchen items or bathroom items because the morning of your move can become busy quite quickly and you will need to be elsewhere overseeing the main move.

Reach out to a removalist to discuss your upcoming move.