Qualities To Look For In Your Furniture Removalist

26 August 2021
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Most people are often worried when hiring removalists. More often than not, they are not sure whether the professional can move their home or office. So how can you tell the individual or company you are working with has the skill required to execute the move? Below are some valuable tips. 

1. Timely Communication

When making your initial inquiry, you will most likely communicate to the removalist via social media, email or call. A professional removalist will give instant feedback regarding their availability and ability to move your home. Typically, they will ask questions such as where you intend to move, if you have bulky furniture and on what floor you live. These details will help the removalist establish if they have the licencing and equipment required to make a successful move. 

2. Equipment And Personnel

Experienced removalists will not shy off from informing you about their equipment or the expertise of their removals team. For example, they could ask you to contact some of their clients to establish if they have any complaints about the services they offered. The removalist will also answer all your concerns regarding the move. For example, suppose you have a grand piano on the upper floors. In that case, the removalist could opt to lower the piano using a crane or forklift to prevent any damage it could suffer when moving it through the staircases and narrow doorways. 

3. Preparation

An experienced removalist will prepare you for the move to prevent delays during the moving day. Some preparation activities will include: 

  • Inspecting your home to determine the workload they should anticipate on the moving day.
  • Ensuring you have adequate insurance to cover your items during packing, transit and arranging.
  • Outlining your obligations. For instance, you should defrost the refrigerator and provide sufficient parking space.
  • Calling to confirm any change of plans. For example, you may want to postpone the move by a few hours or a day. 

4. Accurate Quotes

A professional removalist will always give an accurate quote. It is a sure way to ensure customer satisfaction and prevent disputes. During your first inquiry, the removalist will most likely provide an approximate quote depending on your items and the distance you intend to travel. However, they will visit your home to increase the accuracy of their quote. For instance, they could increase the service charge if you need an additional service such as storage. Reputable removalists will readily give discounts. Besides, they will have friendly payment terms. 

Qualities of a professional removalist include timely communication, high-quality equipment and experienced personnel, adequate preparation and accurate quotes. Contact a residential furniture removal service to learn more.