How To Deal With Fragile Items As You Move Your Home Or Office

24 November 2021
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When moving your home, you might experience difficulties packing, loading and offloading delicate items such as your furniture and glassware. In most cases, these items will suffer damages on impact or due to collision. So, how do you move these items? The guide below has some valuable tips. 

Declutter If You Can

What items will you move? Removals are an opportunity to declutter the home or office. For example, you do not have to move with your old furniture or utensils. You could move these items into a storage unit or sell them on the internet. Decluttering helps reduce the removal costs and reduces the risks associated with moving fragile items. 

Packing Tips

Consider these packing tips when moving your items: 

  • Use bubble wrap to protect your ceramic and glass plates.
  • Cardboard dividers will prevent glasses from colliding inside the box.
  • Use packing paper and removal blankets to protect picture frames and TVs during the move.
  • Label boxes with fragile items to prevent mishandling. 

Observe Safety When Dealing With Oversized Items 

Oversized and bulky items such as your furniture and grand piano present a set of challenges as you move your home or office. First, they might be too large for the doorway, staircases or elevator. You can overcome this challenge by dismantling the items. Use the user manual to prevent damages as you dismantle these items. Besides, take pictures as you dismantle to ensure you have an easy time assembling the items. Store the screws and other assembly devices such as handles securely. Clean these items to remove dirt particles that could cause scratches during the move. Finally, use removal blankets to protect the items from dents and scratches as you load and unload them. 

Hire A Removalist

You do not have to undertake the tedious task of packing and transporting the items. A furniture removalist will help you prepare for the move, pack and arrange your new home. Although you will pay a small charge to the removalist, you will enjoy the convenience of attending to your daily activities without worrying about the hassles of packing and transporting the items. The removalist also has the expertise and equipment needed to pack and dismantle the items. Additionally, the removalist can offer support services such as storage. Besides, they have the licencing required to move the items to another state or country. Professional removalists also have insurance coverage that compensates you for damaged items. 

When moving delicate items, consider decluttering, the recommended packing tips, observe safety when handling oversized items and hire a removalist.