Why Restumping Might Need to Be Done to Your Fixer-Upper

24 February 2022
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If you have decided to buy a fixer-upper home so you can fix it up and either move into it, sell it or rent it out to prospective tenants, then you might need to have some major work done to it. You might have already decided to do things like replace the flooring, paint the walls and replace outdated fixtures and appliances. What you may not have done, though, is look into restumping. This involves removing the stumps from underneath the home and replacing them with new ones. There's a chance that restumping will be needed for your fixer-upper home for these possible reasons.

The Home Might Be Old

In some cases, restumping is needed simply because a home is older. The stumping job that might have been done when the home was constructed might not be in line with modern standards. Alternatively, the home might have shifted because of basic soil shifting, and the stumps might need to be replaced. Many fixer-upper homes are older homes, so it only makes sense that restumping might be needed.

Flooding Might Have Occurred

One reason why some fixer-uppers are available so cheaply is that they have been flooded. If you have purchased a flooded home, it's important to understand the different types of damage that might be present. You might already know about things like rotting floors and mold growth, but you might not have considered the damage that might be present underneath the home. If water stood underneath the home for an extended period of time, then the stumps might have started to rot. If this happened, then the stumps might need to be removed. If you know that the home that you have purchased has been flooded in the past, it's important to have the stumps looked at by a professional.

Termites Might Have Been a Problem

Some homes that are available as cheap fixer-uppers have mild or even severe termite damage. If you have noticed that there is termite damage present to the fixer-upper that you have purchased, then you might have started looking into repairs that might need to be done. You might have missed the stumps underneath the home, though. Someone can inspect them to see if they, too, have been impacted by termites. If they have, then restumping might be necessary.

These are some simple reasons why restumping might need to be done on your fixer-upper. If you're in the process of fixing up an older home, then you should definitely check to see if restumping is needed.

For more information on restumping, contact a professional near you.