Lots Of Furniture To Move? Here's How To Make It Easier

7 March 2023
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Moving can be really stressful, especially when you've got a lot of large pieces of furniture to move. This article explains four simple things you can do to make moving your furniture easier and less stressful.

Decide Which Furniture You Actually Want To Keep

You might not want to keep all of your furniture. Perhaps some pieces are broken or worn, and you were considering replacing them anyway. Maybe you feel that some of your old pieces don't suit the style of your new home (although if you want to keep them, My Domaine has some great ideas about mixing different furniture styles). Before moving day, get rid of anything you don't want to avoid dragging unwanted stuff over to your new place.

Choose The Best Furniture Removal Company

Choosing the right removalists is a great way to make your moving day go smoothly. Look at reviews of your chosen company and read about how they dealt with other people's furniture. Furniture removalists should be able to move furniture quickly, efficiently and without damage. If you have anything particularly large, such as a piano, make sure that's something they can deal with. You can also make the day go more smoothly by communicating effectively with your removal company about exactly what type and amount of furniture you have.

Label Each Piece Carefully

Another way you can make moving a lot of furniture easier is to label it effectively. Come up with a labelling system. For example, you might label all the pieces for the master bedroom with a red sticker, and all the furniture for the living room with a blue sticker. This means the furniture removalists can put each piece in the right room, so you don't need to move stuff around later. Don't forget to label any fragile pieces as such, so your movers can take extra time and care with them.

Prepare Your Furniture For Your Removalists

You can also prepare for a smooth moving day by preparing your furniture. You might want to tape drawers shut, take the cushions off your sofa and ensure your bed is stripped and ready to move. If you know that a particular piece of furniture won't fit down the stairs or out of the door without taking it apart, do this before your movers arrive. This will ensure the day goes more quickly, and everyone will be less stressed.

By decluttering your furniture before you move, choosing an experienced furniture removal company, creating a labelling system and preparing each piece for moving, you can make moving with a lot of furniture much easier.