Why You Need a Self-Storage Unit for Minimalist Living

14 September 2020
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More people are adopting a minimalist way of life. If you are looking to get started in the minimalist lifestyle, a self-storage unit will be among the most invaluable resources. A minimalist lifestyle revolves around decluttering your spaces and only keeping what adds value. Here is how and why a self-storage unit can be of great help to you. 1.    Storage for Your Valuables You can throw out some things or give them away, but the truth is that it is irrational to think of getting rid of everything you don't use currently. Read More 

How To Examine A Removalist’s Terms And Conditions

18 May 2020
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Most people will choose a removalist based on their pricing. However, checking the removalist's terms and conditions can help you avoid extra charges. Below are tips to help you examine the removalist's terms and conditions. Services Provided Work with a professional that offers a wide range of removal services. For instance, other than providing cartons and packing and loading your items in the removal truck, you could also need a removalist that can clean your new home and arrange your items. Read More 

How Easy Is It to Move Your Flat Pack Furniture?

7 February 2020
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Remember the time it took you to assemble all your flat pack furniture? When it's time to move house, a professional furniture removalist will be able to disassemble the item in the blink of an eye, right? It doesn't usually happen that way, since a removalist will generally load your items into the truck, as is. Sometimes they can be safely moved without being disassembled (and this is true for basic, solid items like shelves). Read More 

Two Steps to Take If You’ll Be in the First Trimester of Your Pregnancy When You Move House

22 November 2019
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If your house move will coincide with the first trimester of your pregnancy, you should take the following two steps. Find out if the removalists have an afternoon slot available When choosing from the removal company's available time slots, you should try to pick an afternoon slot. The reason for this is as follows; the first trimester is the point in your pregnancy when you're most likely to suffer from morning sickness and severe fatigue. Read More 

Two errors that people who own grand pianos make when moving to new properties

29 October 2019
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People who own grand pianos sometimes make mistakes when moving to new properties with their instruments. Below are some of the common errors that these individuals make. Dismantling their piano on their own instead of having the piano removalist do it for them Because grand pianos are a lot larger than their upright counterparts, it is often necessary to partially dismantle them prior to moving them, in order to make them easier to hold and to ensure that they fit into the moving van and in any hallways that they need to be carried through. Read More