Two Steps to Take If You’ll Be in the First Trimester of Your Pregnancy When You Move House

22 November 2019
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If your house move will coincide with the first trimester of your pregnancy, you should take the following two steps. Find out if the removalists have an afternoon slot available When choosing from the removal company's available time slots, you should try to pick an afternoon slot. The reason for this is as follows; the first trimester is the point in your pregnancy when you're most likely to suffer from morning sickness and severe fatigue. Read More 

Two errors that people who own grand pianos make when moving to new properties

29 October 2019
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People who own grand pianos sometimes make mistakes when moving to new properties with their instruments. Below are some of the common errors that these individuals make. Dismantling their piano on their own instead of having the piano removalist do it for them Because grand pianos are a lot larger than their upright counterparts, it is often necessary to partially dismantle them prior to moving them, in order to make them easier to hold and to ensure that they fit into the moving van and in any hallways that they need to be carried through. Read More 

Packing Advice for Moving Day

8 August 2019
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Moving home can be a stressful experience. Alongside a death in the family or a marital breakdown, moving is one of the least desirable things you can go through. That said, moving should be an exciting time when you are looking forward to moving into your new home and settling down, even if there is some disruption to get through first. Therefore, planning your move in advance is advisable, especially from the point of view of packaging up your possessions. Read More